Managing Mishaps: Lessons from the Oscars

Posted in on - April 4, 2017

Hollywood really does offer second chances, even to its accounting experts. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently announced that its CPA firm of record, PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PWC), will still handle the balloting and accounting work at the Oscars ceremony. This recognizes that the now-notorious snafu at this year’s ceremony — in which the […]

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Five End-of-Year Tips to Win 2017

Posted in on - December 19, 2016

For many PR professionals, the end of the year is oftentimes the most stressful time of the year. There’s a lot going on—clients are all over the place, and you’re trying to fit in just one or two more hits before you can close the books. But don’t forget the most important thing: preparing for […]

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This Election Facebook Failed Us All

Posted in on - November 14, 2016

By the now the narrative is clear: The outcome of Tuesday’s election was a surprise to many individuals in the US and around the world and to supporters of both political parties. In any instance when a predicted outcome is proven wrong there is a reflection period, which often sparks a curiosity. Presidential campaigns have […]

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Lessons From The Boss

Posted in on - November 8, 2016

Music is the ultimate form of communication. It conveys not just words, but moods and, at its best, ideas and values. For more than 50 years, Bruce Springsteen has been a master of that medium, with songs about youth, fun and romance, but also the kicks in the gut life can deliver and our struggles […]

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While My Computer Gently Sleeps

Posted in on - October 1, 2016

Many people approach installing software updates on their computers the same way they look at filing their taxes: just keep delaying the inevitable until you absolutely can’t push it off anymore. For me, that moment recently arrived. While the software was downloading and installing, I suddenly found myself with a few valuable moments when I […]

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An Office Guide to Surviving the Presidential Campaign

Posted in on - August 9, 2016

If there is one thing that we can all seem to agree on regarding this year’s presidential election cycle, it’s that it’s not boring—and news coverage is everywhere. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominate the news cycle 24/7. Facebook is overrun with memes, links, clips and opinions. Twitter is filled with political punditry and regular […]

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Top Four Reasons why PR Executives Should Practice Yoga

Posted in on - June 6, 2016

I wasn’t always a big yogi. I dabbled in yoga and Pilates as a teenager, but didn’t quite have the patience to stick with it through lengthy sequences. It wasn’t until I started working in public relations that I came to fully appreciate yoga. The “slow flows” are a welcome break from fast-paced agency life […]

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Our Annual ‘Dear Graduates’ Advice that You Can Really Use

Posted in on - May 26, 2016

Every year, the important and self-important (or one in the same) write a column like this addressed to soon-to-be college graduates. Just about every type of advice has been offered, and just about every cliche has been said or written on the subject. Nonetheless, I’m compelled to offer my take, because while many people offer aspirational […]

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