In a New Robo World, Advisory Firms Must Advocate the Value of Human Interaction

Posted in on - September 7, 2017

By Shaina Lamb, Senior Account Supervisor Financial advisors are facing the most challenging environment since the financial crisis. The battle today is actually exacerbated by a bull market, as opposed to a bear market and deep recession. The strong performance of the S&P 500 and other indices has made it increasingly difficult for traditional advisors […]

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Homework Isn’t Just For Nerds

Posted in on - June 23, 2016

When I was a kid I rarely did homework—and my report cards showed it. As more of an experiential learner, I preferred going out and doing fun things rather than sitting home with a textbook like a nerd, and I tried a litany of classic excuses to explain why I missed so many assignments. (Despite […]

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DPR Client Venture for America Visits the White House

Posted in on - May 1, 2012

Congratulations to DPR client, Venture for America (VFA), on its recent visit to the White House to meet President Obama! VFA is a recently launched not-for-profit designed to do for entrepreneurship what Teach for America has done for education—bring young, talented grads to disadvantaged communities for at least two years. The first group of 50 […]

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