November 14, 2012

CNBC Gets Its Own Branding Right

Clients of Dukas PR regularly appear on CNBC to offer informed commentary on a variety of financial issues that affect the market and the larger economy.  Frequent appearances on CNBC—and other networks—are a great way for financial and asset management firms to build stronger brands. Stealing a page from the PR playbook, CNBC has embarked on a very strong branding campaign of its own with its new “Rise Above” campaign.

This simple and catchy tag line is intended to rally the business community and government officials behind an issue that all of us can agree on—avoiding falling off the fiscal cliff.

As CNBC put it, “the election is over, but the American economy will only be unleashed if we avoid the fiscal cliff, pare our deficit, and rise above partisan politics.”

The network is making frequent use of the tagline and bold red, white and blue logo throughout its daily programming.  It understands that frequency is important.  Similarly, DPR preaches to its clients that consistent, proactive media relations is the best way for financial firms to build and enhance their brands and attract more clients.

CNBC also understands that its message is spot on and ripe for the times.  Coming off of a long and contentious presidential campaign, I think it’s safe to say that most Americans are sick and tired of partisan politics and want to see Washington improve the economy and work to fix our long-term structural problems. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, hedge fund managers and teachers, all need to ‘rise above’ deeply-felt ideological beliefs to come together.

Developing the right message is a critical component to building a strong brand.  Frequent media appearances—print, broadcast, online or social—are only effective if the client has a strong message that clearly positions its experts as having actionable investment ideas or solutions to the financial issues that investors and consumers face on a regular basis.

Most importantly, CNBC’s message is one of consensus and clarity—something that I’d imagine 99 percent of its viewers understand and agree is spot on.  While clients often need to take a firm view on an issue, one way or the other, it’s always smart to avoid too much controversy.

Hats off to CNBC, and let’s hope that we can truly “rise above.”

Richard Dukas