May 9, 2016

Escaping the Office…Actually!

Sometimes you need to get out of the office. I’m not talking about that grab a sandwich and stretch your legs walk around the block lunch break (though those are certainly good too—especially if you are tracking your steps with Fitbit!), rather I’m referring to some old-fashioned, have fun together, team-building activities.

Last week, the DLPR team escaped the office—both actually and metaphorically. The entire group shut down about an hour early, and we headed to Escape the Room NYC, where you need to find clues, solve puzzles, and decipher codes in order to exit a locked room within an hour. And we did it!

Our group of 18 was divided into two teams to play two different themed rooms, the office and the agency. In each room, we needed to work together and think outside of the box in order to succeed. The best part of the Escape the Room as a team building activity is that everyone can contribute something. It would be absolutely impossible for a single person or even a couple to solve a room within the hour. In our group of 10, every person contributed at least one vital piece of the puzzle.

People see things in different ways and think in different directions. One person looks at a group of numbers and sees GPS coordinates, another sees a phone number, another sees an alphanumeric code. One good idea sparks another good idea, which sparks yet another, and in 59 minutes and 59 seconds you unlock the door!

It’s teamwork at its best.

Of course, as in any successful business, teamwork is key to DLPR’s success. Our clients benefit from the collective skills and experiences of our individual team members. A former broadcaster. A former journalist. A former trader. PR veterans from small and large agencies. Everyone brings a different frame of reference to the collaboration that generates stellar results.

But back to escaping our office…Getting out of the office for the afternoon and playing a game with colleagues was the perfect way to blow off a little steam, stretch our mental legs, and have a few laughs (a few drinks after to toast our victories helped too!).

The only way to win was for everyone—at every level of our agency and across our internal groups—to work together and learn from one another.

And that makes us a better team when we get back to our desks.

By: Gail Dukas