October 3, 2017

Monty Hall, RIP: PR Lessons from a TV Legend

By Richard Dukas, Chairman & CEO

I’d like to take a moment to recognize the passing this weekend of Monty Hall—the iconic host and co-creator of one of the all-time great game shows, “Let’s Make a Deal,” and one of the greatest communicators of the 20th Century.

Monty, who I was fortunate to meet 15 years ago (before my grey hair kicked in), really knew how to keep his viewer’s attention with wit, wisdom and a sense of fair play. He always had a kind word to say about the contestants on his show—no matter how silly or bizarre they looked in their costumes.

The game itself was classic fun—it required you to be strategic, was tremendously creative, and very engaging. All of which are important traits for a skilled PR pros and marketing communications executives.

Lastly, the show had a very catchy tag line–“Let’s Make a Deal!,” which of course is now part of our daily lexicon.

Monty Hall, RIP, will be forever remembered for “Let’s Make a Deal,” but to me—he also was a fantastic communicator and an inspiration for those of us in the communication industry.