DLPR is a full-service agency that offers:

Media Relations – Securing high-quality print, broadcast and online media coverage across top-tier national, regional and targeted outlets.  Clients benefit from DLPR’s deep understanding of how the media operates and our extensive contacts that reach into the highest echelons of newsrooms and control booths.

Strategic Positioning and Message Development – Distilling a company’s key attributes, market positioning and competitive advantages and creating a clear and compelling narrative that will resonate with a client’s key constituencies.

Media Coaching – Proper preparation for every media interaction ensures clients have the opportunity to articulate key messages and selling points and make the most out every interview. All media coaching sessions are led by DLPR’s team of former broadcast and print journalists.

Thought Leadership/Issues Advocacy – Positioning key executives as industry thought-leaders and experts on particular issues through targeted media outreach, placement of white papers and bylined articles and participation in industry conferences.

Editorial Services and Content Creation – Developing and writing all key media-related documents, including: news releases, bylined articles, white papers, interview message points and digital content, including blogs and video transcripts.

Speaking Engagements – Securing speaking engagements—including keynote addresses and panel participation—at leading conferences, symposia and industry trade shows.

Defensive and Crisis Communications – Providing companies with comprehensive strategic advice and tactical implementation through crisis or potentially damaging situations. DLPR assists companies with their communications to all key audiences, including media, investors, clients, employees, prospects, strategic partners and regulators.

Presentation Training – Coaching C-level executives and principals on how to deliver more effective and compelling speeches and sales presentations.  DLPR also helps companies to revamp their sales and marketing materials, if necessary.

Perception Audits and Competitive Analysis – Comprehensive and real-time tracking and analysis of clients’ reputation in the marketplace relative to competitors and others.  DLPR offers specific recommendations on how to react and fix marketplace perceptions.

Transaction Advisory & Litigation Support – Designing media strategy and assisting with communications during mergers, spin-offs and other liquidity events, as well as complex legal situations. Communications are geared to all key constituencies.

Digital and Social Media – Although financial and asset management firms have generally been reticent to adopt social and digital communications strategies primarily due to compliance reasons, DLPR is at the forefront of working with these companies to explore and test the growing use of the medium.  The strategic use of LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging and online video are tools that DLPR currently deploys for its clients. DLPR is working to develop a more comprehensive and strategic offering for financial firms, which will become especially relevant in the coming years.

Online Reputation Management – When a prospective investor, client or shareholder researches a company, the first thing they typically do is to Google it. Companies cannot afford to have links to negative stories on them, especially if those stories show up near the top of an online search. DLPR and its partners provide comprehensive services, which ensure that a company’s online reputation is in keeping with its corporate culture and the true meaning of their brand.

Search Engine Optimization – Through its partners, DLPR provides comprehensive programs that enable companies to improve their SEO strategies so that prospective clients and customers can easily find our clients online.