What We Do Matters

Years ago, I had a colleague who used to joke that together we were “moving markets and changing the world.”

The comment was amusing because some of it at least was based in truth. Dukas Linden Public Relation’s media relations efforts could (and still do) have an impact.  A strong public relations and brand marketing campaign can help raise or decrease a company’s fortunes.

But the comment was also rooted in frustration, I think. There were times—particularly as younger PR executives gaining experience—when we felt what we did didn’t matter. There was  (speaking for myself) even the notion that perhaps we were insignificant in some way. In client board rooms filled with decades of Wall Street experience, advanced degrees and abundant success, who were we?

Well, it turns out we’re somebody. Time and experience, of course, teach us lessons. And while I am a big believer that humility is an essential ingredient to not just business but life, I have come to accept the fact that not only does what we do matter but what we do is important and impactful.

It is with that life lesson learned that I humbly (and again, humility is always essential) offer three quick reminders to my colleagues in financial public relations as to why they can get out of bed each day feeling what they do matters:

  • We help create and preserve jobs—Every time we help promote a firm’s success there is the chance that story will allow the firm to grow and hire. Over the years, I have seen firsthand how our clients have grown assets, expanded their reach, and as a result, hired new employees and created jobs.
  • We empower people—In ten plus years of media coaching, I have met many qualified, caring professionals who needed a boost. To this day, I meet many professionals who are smart, strategic and highly capable, and yet they have trouble communicating ideas or lack confidence in their speaking abilities. They are often unable to convey confidence to prospects, clients, employees, colleagues and boards of directors. Media and presentation coaching have allowed my colleague, Zach Leibowitz, and I to become trusted advisors to these professionals and help them reach their greater potential as executives.
  • We make the world a little easier to understand—In an age of Twitter, LinkedIn and expanded social media platforms (and as a result: reduced attention spans), it is harder than ever to hold an audience. DLPR’s messaging and writing efforts can help executives convey their ideas clearly to audiences they normally would have trouble reaching. This skill set will only become more vital as the world becomes increasingly complex and technological.

Yes, there are bad days, and not all clients are wonderful. But that’s true for any business. And just as it is the case for any rewarding profession—in financial public relations, most days do matter, and we always have a chance to change the world and to do so for better.

By Seth Linden, President of Dukas Linden PR


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