DLPR Named a Top 10 Financial Agency for Third Year-in-a-Row

For PR firms working in the financial sector, 2019 was overall a bull year, with revenues for the Top 10 firms ticking up 9.8 percent to $209.2 million.

Dukas Linden Sticks to Its Roots

Richard DukasDukas Linden, which kept the #7 spot it held last year, saw its revenues rise 16.8 percent to $6.3 million in 2019, and agency chairman and CEO Richard Dukas attributes a big part of that to “sticking to our roots—media relations.”

Dukas says that while the agency does provide content creation, social media support, messaging and coaching services, its ability to get companies coverage in such outlets as the Wall Street JournalBarron’s, Bloomberg and CNBC is what keeps clients coming back. Dukas adds that the firm secures 500 to 600 segments per year on top broadcast outlets.

Some of the new clients the agency has brought on in the last year are good indicators of where the opportunities lie in the new financial world. Dukas says those clients include: a firm that sells gold (a hedge that is likely to keep its value), a company that roots out financial fraud, and a tele-medicine, tele-psychology services provider.

He also cites the expanding possibilities that video-conferencing technologies will offer, from the ability to do interviews at any hour of the day to the increasing ability of international companies to do interviews on US networks.

“In one year from now,” Dukas said, “we will still be in a downturn.” However, he added that “there will always be opportunity for smart, resourceful companies to utilize PR effectively to grow their businesses and brands.”

By Steve Barnes, O’Dwyers 


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