DLPR Named Among Most Powerful Financial PR Firms of 2018

The Most Powerful Financial PR Firms of 2018

Because of social media, nothing happens in back rooms anymore, and every transaction’s under a microscope. Which is great news for PR firms that specialize in financial communications—for better or worse, a crisis-filled environment has made this a very busy year for these agencies. Here are our choices for 2018’s notable PR firms in the financial space.

Dukas Linden

Dukas Linden’s specialty: leveraging current events to a client’s advantage. Examples include tweeting out a letter from client ARKInvest (a major Tesla shareholder) arguing against Elon Musk’s sketchy privatization scheme; promoting client Muddy Waters’ expose on “nefarious” Chinese trade practices; and, on the never-ending crisis side, advising more clients than you want to know on #MeToo issues.


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