Pandemic PR Tips: What You Need to Know to Get Interviewed on the Financial Networks

It has never been a more competitive landscape for market strategists to get valuable airtime on financial media, but that just makes what PR executives do that much more important.

Despite the challenges and the constraints of social distancing, DLPR’s broadcast team continues to successfully place its clients on the top networks and is in regular contact with all producers and guest bookers.

Here’s what you market strategists, economists, RIAs and asset managers need to know:

– All the segments are (as expected) coronavirus focused.

– The majority of “normal” stock/strategy slots are being filled by company CEOs, CIOs at the top banks, and politicians—and their press conferences.

– If you’re the chief economist at Goldman Sachs, you can call right into to Maria or Kramer. Everyone else needs to craft written commentary and messages that distinguish them in this crowded area.

– Right now, Bloomberg is all phone interviews; Yahoo! Finance is all Google Hangouts; and the other networks are mainly using Skype and phone interviews.

Additional Requirements for Success:

– Need to have Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts up and running.

– Updated headshot and ideally a landline phone.

– Willingness to do brief messaging via Skype/Zoom to go over past segments and make sure you are prepared to fully “own” the interview.

Zoom, Skype, call or email us more info. I’m much easier to pin down than a CNBC producer these days!

Stay strong and safe! We can — and will — beat this terrible virus!


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