“Send Anyway?” — Gmail Enhancements We’d Like to See

Ever try to send a message from your Gmail account, only to receive this warning?

This can be incredibly helpful. Unless, of course, the context was your personal attachment to Thai food, your significant other, or the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Advances in artificial intelligence have transformed computers and services from obedient machines to valets, tech advisors and (well-meaning) pests. The more perfect they get, the more dependent we become on their nagging counsel.

“Close that file without saving? Really?”

“Are you sure you want to shut down? You have unfinished work.”

“End Navigation? Now? You haven’t reached your destination …”

“Did you mean to send this to Jane Smith instead of Jan Smith?

“It’s your wife’s third cousin’s second work anniversary. Say congrats?”

As experts in communication (and altruists), we came up with some suggested tweaks to bring Gmail to the next level of intuition and help users avoid common mistakes.

  • “This cover letter misspells the words ‘excellence,’ ‘professionalism; and ‘attention to detail.’ Send anyway?”
  • “This message contains random capitalization and wild punctuation. Send anyway?”
  • “The ‘new ideas’ in your message are a rehash of those sent to the same recipient on 5/21/2016, with slightly different language and sequence. Send anyway?”
  • “Your message contains the words ‘with all due respect,’ but is blunt and condescending. Send anyway?”
  • “Literally every use of the word ‘literally’ in this message refers to something figurative or speculative. Send anyway?”
  • “Your email contains roughly 10,000 exaggerations. Send anyway?”
  • “This recipient has not answered your last 10 queries, doesn’t use this type of product and replied on 3/21/18: ‘lose our email!’ Send anyway?”
  • “Your attempt to look millennial by using emojis and chat acronyms is an epic fail. Send anyway?”
  • “This essay is mad boring and fails to highlight your expertise in anything other than typing. Send anyway?”
  • “Despite the disclaimer “not to get political…” your email contains 27 blatantly partisan statements, (most of them false). Send anyway?”
  • “No one is going to believe you are a Nigerian prince trying to give away your fortune. Send anyway?”

We’ll submit these helpful ideas in a memo to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

And we’ll remember to include the attachment.

By Adam Dickter, Senior Account Supervisor





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