Weekly News Roundup

One of our main jobs here at DLPR is constantly monitoring all forms of media to understand what news and storylines are getting the most attention. We pride ourselves on not missing a beat, which means we have to stay on top of every type of media from Twitter to Reddit and The Wall Street Journal every day. Given our collective knowledge about what stories are making the most impact and what might affect our clients, we have curated a weekly list of significant financial and media news stories we think everyone should be aware of. To subscribe, email zkouwe@dlpr.com with the subject line “Subscribe.” Enjoy!

What We’ve Been Reading – Week of April 18th


Markets, Economy & Corporate News

  • Midtown Has Been Empty, but Other Retail Zones Have Bounced Back (NYT)
  • Hot SPAC Market Could Freeze After Potential SEC Rule Change (Forbes)
  • SPAC Transactions Come to a Halt Amid SEC Crackdown, Cooling Retail Investor Interest (CNBC.com)
  • Short Sellers Boost Bets Against SPACs (WSJ)


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