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“On the DLPR” Podcast identifies the successes and breakdowns in today’s communication.


Episode 13 (November 22, 2019): We went “On The DLPR” with our very own Sean Dougherty, who recently announced his retirement after 30+ years in public relations. He offers advice for young PR professionals. 

Episode 12 (October 22, 2019): We recently went “On The DLPR” with Daniel Flax, Senior Research Analyst at Neuberger Berman to discuss tips and techniques for financial analysts doing TV News interviews.

Episode 11 (August 27, 2019): In the latest episode of “On the DLPR,”  Zach Leibowitz speaks with Duff & Phelps Institute Chief Strategist Chris Campbell about how his experience working at the Treasury Department has helped in his current role guiding clients in navigating the complexities of Washington DC whether it’s new legislation, regulatory issues, the trade war, or partisan politics. 

Episode 10 (June 18, 2019): We went “On The DLPR” with Todd “Bubba” Horwitz to learn about how the longtime options trader embraced the media and became a successful author, financial literacy advocate and a frequent network television commentator. 

Episode 9 (May 14, 2019): On The DLPR speaks with Howard Yu, LEAP author and LEGO Professor of Management & Innovation at IMD Business School in Switzerland about how companies can continue to thrive amidst increased competition. 

Episode 8 (April 2, 2019): Zach Leibowitz speaks with Crossmark Global Investments Chief Market Strategist Victoria Fernandez about her development as a TV guest and how broadcast has positively impacted her career and the firm’s growth. 

Episode 7 (March 5, 2019): In this episode, Zach Leibowitz talks to Ark Invest’s Tasha Keeney about what it’s like to land an interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Episode 6 (February 19, 2019): Short seller and truth teller Dan David joins us on our latest podcast to talk about his run for Congress, The China Hustle, and how he got Hardball anchor Chris Matthews to agree with him three times. 

Episode 5 (February 12, 2019): DLPR talks with communications executive Mike Marinello about five ways to communicate your brand clearly.

Episode 4 (February 5, 2019): On The DLPR explores the path to entrepreneurship with the very accomplished TradeIt CEO & Co-Founder Nathan Richardson.

Episode 3 (January 29, 2019): How to Have the Best 3-Minute Segment on Live Broadcast with DLPR’s Own Judy Speicher.

Episode 2 (January 22, 2019): On The DLPR goes behind the camera with Brian Price, Real Vision Executive Producer & Senior Reporter.

Episode 1 (January 15, 2019): How The Finance Industry Can Create Media Relationships that are Powerful & Fun, Featuring Jay Jacobs, Director of Research and Strategy at Global X.




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