What Andrew Ross Sorkin Read Every Day and How That’s Changed Over the Past 6 Years

Six years ago this month, Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote a post for The Atlantic’s “The Wire” describing what he reads every day to keep abreast of the major financial news of the day. Taking a look back at his post six years later, it’s remarkable to see how much has changed in the financial media landscape.

To demonstrate those changes, I went through Sorkin’s original blog post and deleted any changes that have occurred in the media since he wrote his article with a red strikethrough. Updates that require further explanation also appear in the comments in the margin.

Over the past six years, several columns and publications have folded or merged, reporters and editors have switched publications, started new ones, or even left to the “dark side” to become PR consultants. (I welcome them into our realm.)

One of the most interesting points in this retrospective is how nimble and fluid the media industry can be. Large media organizations have easily merged with other publications, like TVNewser and 25 other blogs did in 2014. Most notably, The Wall Street Journal reformatted its paper twice in less than two years.

To be sure, many reporters and publications, however, have not changed much and remain as influential as ever, including Sorkin himself. Meanwhile, there are some that have lost their relevance, like media pundit Jim Romenesko. And we haven’t heard the last of some of certain key media figures, like former Politico chief political reporter Mike Allen, who will surely be a critical influencer once his newest venture is revealed next year.

Sorkin’s Atlantic piece in its original form starts here:

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