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DLPR Recognized for Support of Much-Anticipated Bitcoin ETF Launch

January 12, 2024

Dukas Linden Public Relations is playing a central role in the SEC’s long-awaited approval for spot Bitcoin ETFs. DLPR represented two firms (ARK and Bitwise) and that were greenlighted to begin trading in Bitcoin ETFs as well as two other clients that have fund applications pending with the SEC.

One of its clients was live on the set when the SEC apparently tweeted out that it had approved trading. However, its handle had been hacked and it wasn’t quite ready to give the go-ahead. The SEC subsequently approved the ETFs the next day (Jan. 10), and according to the Wall Street Journal, “more than $4.6 billion of shares across 10 spot bitcoin ETFs changed hands Thursday (based on Dow Jones Market Data).”

“The approvals usher in a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency landscape, opening avenues for wide-based adoption and investment,” said DLPR CEO Richard Dukas. “The media and investors are closely watching developments in the space, which will likely pave the way for a new era in the rapidly-evolving digital assets space.”