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The Top PR Firms in Finance

March 18, 2024


DLPR once again earned a spot on Observer’s 2024 PR Power List, which ranks the top visionaries and agencies in the PR industry. The list recognizes agencies that experienced notable wins in 2023, including growth, new clients, significant campaigns across all platforms, and big hires.

Dukas Linden

Dukas Linden Public Relations weathered the storm during challenging times for financial PR agencies in 2023 while thriving. Despite modest growth, they outshone many competitors that stagnated or downsized, avoiding layoffs and maintaining a positive trajectory. Notably, they secured prominent clients like Evercore, Harrison Street, London Business School and Lafayette Square, expanding their portfolio with impactful players in investment banking, real estate and education.

“The fact that we are specialists within finance is a huge boon to our clients, because we understand sophisticated businesses and investment firms—we know private equity, real estate, hedge funds, Bitcoin, real estate, hedging strategies and we have to be able to speak to C-suite executives, highly experienced portfolio managers and research analysts who have a deep understanding of the industry,” the agency’s chairman and CEO Richard Dukas tells Observer. “We then need to communicate that into relatively easy concepts that the media can understand.”

One of the agency’s key strengths lies in its comprehensive service offerings, extending beyond traditional media relations to content creation and media presentation coaching. Their ability to understand and articulate complex financial concepts ensures effective communication with diverse stakeholders. Notably, their crisis management expertise shone during turbulent times, advising clients through market uncertainties and geopolitical tensions.

Reflecting on notable achievements, they highlight their role in facilitating the launch of Bitcoin ETFs and navigating the fallout from significant banking industry challenges. They emphasize their commitment to guiding clients through crises with informed counsel and strategic communication.

Looking forward, the agency anticipates stability in financial markets and cautiously optimistic prospects for the year and remains poised for another successful year, capitalizing on the persistent need for financial services communication and brand building. Recognizing the imminent generational wealth transition, they aim to cater to emerging demographics, employing strategies like increased social media presence and prioritizing broadcast media for broader outreach.

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