The Best PR Firms in America 2022

March 16, 2022
By: Michael Kaminer


2021 was supposed to be the year that things returned to “normal,” assuming anyone could remember what normal looks like. With COVID variants and historic inflation, it turned out a little differently. But what impressed us about the companies on this year’s list is that they surpassed normal; in so many cases they have used their creativity and their intelligence to find new lines of business and blaze new trails. It’s a dazzling mix of familiar industry faces with some fast-moving newcomers. 

24. Dukas Linden

Some agencies like to crow about outgrowing old-school media.  But financial-PR heavyweight Dukas Linden Public Relations, with its “newsroom-first” approach, continues to prove that earned moves the needle.  DLPR’s dedicated three-person broadcast team booked more than 1,000 client appearances this year.

A long list of media coups includes a Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover for longtime client ARK-Invest and founder Cathie Wood – no small feat. The traditional-media focus doesn’t mean the firm’s old-fashioned.  Crypto and blockchain clients have flocked here, joining blue-chip names like Raymond James, Neuberger Berman; as well as the electric vehicle mining co., Piedmont Lithium, which DLPR helped land on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.  Bottom line for all of this: Twenty-year-old Dukas Linden had its best year ever!


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